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How Backpackers are Distinguished from Tourists

Here’s to how backpackers are differentiated from tourists.  Backpackers might sound like the casual talks, the chatter, the snarls, the attitude, in a nutshell, their own travel world. You got that right! Generally, tourists are categorized as non-travellers as they are those people who just visit a place for clicking pictures and posting them on social media and to enjoy all the...

Top 10 Places That Make India Incredible

India incredible
India is well known for having over 20 different languages, various religions and a huge variety of cuisines making India incredible.  If you want to get well versed with the history of the nation and experience the Indian culture entirely then you must travel and explore it to know what makes India incredible! Well, there are many places in India that...

Top 8 Attractions In New York City. How Many Have You Visited?

attractions in New York City
Being a whirlwind of activities with an ample number of famous sites at almost every turn, some attractions in New York City has been a dream for many till the date.  The city welcomes different types of tourists and travellers as some visit the city to enjoy broadway shows, while others visit to shop and dine and many of them...

Tips For Planning A Trip After The Covid Pandemic

planning a trip
Read here to know how you can actually start planning your trip and use these tips to make your first ever post-pandemic trip amusing. 

8 Ways How You Can Travel For Cheap When Exploring New Zealand

travel for cheap in New Zeland
New Zealand is a country well known for its serene views such as sweeping mountains to amazing underground cave systems, massive glaciers, golden sand beaches, rugged coastline and much more. Since the place is packed with cool cities, hidden spots, wonderful wildlife, it would be really sad to say that you can’t travel for cheap when you're exploring New...

Our Lives Changing Post COVID-19 Pandemic?

covid pandemic
Since COVID-19 pandemic has hit the world hard. What do you think, will your lives change post-pandemic? Mine will change, I guess! Have a look here.

Experience Awesomeness with Travelling

Here's how you can experience awesomeness with travelling. Check out now.

What is Your Definition of Travel?

definition of travel
I’ve been travelling across the globe and exploring different cities and cultures. Since I was on a vacation, I thought I should roughly conduct a survey wherein I approached a few people in the midst of local streets of Scotland and asked them about their thoughts on their definition of travel.  Anyway, travelling is something which has different meanings for...

The Best Attractions in Greece for Travellers

attractions in greece
Sweet home to some of the world’s most important historical sites, along with around 6000 islands, Greece is known for its natural captivating beauty and fascinating culture. Attractions in Greece include Cliffs tumbling into sparkling blue water, ancient archaeological sites and calm beaches of sand and pebbles make Greece one of Europe's prime tourist destinations. The country’s capital Athens is...

This Is How Aviation Industry Will Look At The End Of Lockdown In India

lockdown in india
The air travel is expected to be resumed once this lockdown in India ends. However, even when the lockdown ends, it will take time for airlines to get filled up like ever before and it would be more of a staggered phase. Social distancing will continue to be in the norms of every airline and will be expected to...