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Are you thinking of any of the following?

“How do I earn money to travel?”

“How do I earn while travelling?”

“How do I get paid for travelling?”

Well, many of us have asked these questions to ourselves and found no answer, unfortunately. Live Like Nomads is where people who have a lot of questions in mind while travelling or who don’t really know how to give a kick-start to their nomadic careers, get their answers in almost no time.

At Live Like Nomads, you’ll get to know how working remotely can make your travelling carefree and full of pockets, and how you can start with your Nomadic journey today!

Also, if you’re a foodie, you no longer have to struggle to decide which place to go to for fine dine or where to have authentic food of different cuisines. Check out our food section to explore new places with delicacies to drool over.

About The Author

Hi, I’m Seerat Kaur – an avid traveller and remote worker, and a writer by choice. I’m also the founder of this website! Ever since my childhood, I’ve had this sturdy desire to see this big beautiful world, see peoples’ lives in different parts of the world, and explore their cultures, and enjoy tasting their delicacies.

As I grew older and began to run in the rat race, I attempted to fit into the cultural and social standards, but later I realized that I’m just struggling to find peace in my heart.

The feeling was so intense and no less than a soul-crushing one and I stood up for myself and embarked with my passion in no time because I didn’t want to see myself drowning in FOMO!

Having travelled for around five years, I’ve understood the significance of travelling as it brings out the serenity in you and changes your vision of living life. Well, working remotely reinforces your travelling journey and makes it even better. My journey has taught me the significance of the balance that you need to have between your work life and personal life.

So, If you’re seeking the same, then don’t miss out on my blogs!