“The option to work from home when needed, or to try a different lifestyle without having to change jobs, is a win for everyone”

Was once said by Scott Berkun – Former remote workforce team leader at WordPress, author of the ‘The Year Without Pants: WordPress.com and the Future of Work’ book. 

The above quote is proved right in today’s world as most of us are working in a remote workforce to get an enhanced lifestyle. But let’s jump back to the question: why did we start working remotely? To get out of the 9-to-5 grind and work on our own terms? Right? 

Well, we know that working in a remote workforce has surely improved our lifestyle as we are away from working in cubicles under fluorescent lights and the 9-to-5 loop! But have you ever thought that if this concept that brought a boon to your work life can actually end up being a curse?

Curse? What? 

Oh, wait! Let me justify the statement below – 

Working remotely is undoubtedly the best concept and is foreseen as the future of work as many companies are transforming into the remote ones and many new companies are being established remotely. 

Working remotely means working all by yourself, which can appeal nicely to people for some time, but eventually will end up disappointing you and you’ll soon become prey of loneliness. 

Well, I’m a writer and the world is my office as I’ve been working in a remote workforce for the past five years. I must say that when you work alone, all by yourself, you get that solitude vibe but sometimes it turns into lonesome. I wanted to purge this, so I came across this amazing book – Secrets of the Remote Workforce by Teresa Douglas, Holly Gordon and Mike Webber. 

Born in San Jose, California, author Teresa Douglas has been working remotely for almost ten years in a variety of management-level roles. She holds an MFA in Fiction from Sarah Lawrence College and an MBA from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

Author Holly Gordon is a Founder of Girl Rising – a global movement for girls education. She is also an Executive Producer for the film of the same name, at the centre of the movement, Girl Rising. 

Being a freelance writer, author Mike Webber has been working remotely for almost eight years. He has worked in management for 3 companies that are leaders in their respective industries in Japan, Canada, and the United States. He resides just outside Vancouver, BC.

The book takes you to the insights of how to eradicate the toxic levels of loneliness, how to get what you need from colleagues spread across the world, and how to network and grow in your career when you are sitting in an office of one. It also covers many other topics that will help you survive and thrive as a happy remote worker.

The three authors are the remote workers who are different in their paths have shared their experiences and offer advice in this debut guide. The book paints a very real picture of what it’s actually like to be a remote worker in an organisation. 

Unlike most books on remote work which have been written with managers, business owners or freelancers in mind, Secrets of the Remote Workforce speaks directly to employees, guiding them through their day to day activities. 

If you’re planning to start working remotely today, then you would feel happy to know the two best things about the book. 

Firstly, the book is an astonishing map for helping employees who work remotely take charge of their own career. 

Secondly, it focuses on how to manage remote employees and highlights the power that employees have to drive success for themselves.

Well, we know anything good that you dream about in life cannot be accomplished if you’re stuck in life’s rat’s race. You need to drift away from the race and focus on what is more essential for you to achieve it. 

Not just struggling with immense audacity in thriving as a remote worker, every dream you choose requires that. So did these authors survive and finally thrived as happy remote employees. 

Well, this was my takeaway from the book, let me know yours, post-reading this blog, in the comments below!

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