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Top 8 Attractions In New York City. How Many Have You Visited?

Being a whirlwind of activities with ample number of famous sites at almost every turn, some attractions in New York city has been a dream for many till the date. 

The city welcomes different types of tourists and travellers as some visit the city to enjoy broadway shows, while others visit to shop and dine and many of them simply come to see the famous attractions of New York City – Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, Empire State Building, Central Park, historic neighborhood, and various world famous museums. 

However, newer tourist attractions in New York City have opened in recent years, for instance High Line and One World Observatory. Well, I’ve curated a list of the top attractions that you can’t just miss when in New York city. 

1. Statue of Liberty

Statue of liberty

Built in 1886, the Statue of Liberty was France’s gift to America. The statue remains the popular world symbol that indicates freedom and is one of the greatest American icons.
The statue is the most famous attraction in New York city and many people from across the globe pay their visit here. It can be seen from the ground and the view is more enhanced if you see it from the Battery Park that lies on the Southern Tip of Manhattan. 
To get a perfect view of the statue, you can take a short boat trip to Liberty Island and get a close up view. You can enter the pedestal, or, if you’ve made reservations in advance, you can go straight up to the crown.
It would be great if you pre-purchase the ticket during the peak season because then the prices of the tickets skyrockets. 

2. Times Square 

Time square


Surrounded by skyscrapers brilliantly lit billboards and screens, Times Square is a place to go in the evening. The place is well known for its stellar New York’s new year eve’s celebration and the famous ‘ball drop’ at midnight when the street is all crowded with people.
Times Square is always busy and crowded but the place has its own very unique appeal. Formerly known as Longacre Square, Times Square was named in 1904 after the New York Times Tower. 

3. High Line 

High Line

This is one of the most exciting attractions of New York city which was formerly a rail line that was later converted into an urban walking trail above the city streets. This linear public park is quite unique and has been planted with varied plants and trees. 
The park is lined with the railings of glass which gives a natural feel. Along the route of the place has art installations and benches. The place provides you with a sense of serenity as it doesn’t surround traffic. 

4. Bryant Park

Bryant Park

If you’re wishing to enjoy a pleasurable afternoon then you must pay a visit to Bryant Park. The park has featured monuments and gardens and has a game area which includes – chess boards, checkers, and backgammon boards for a small fee.
The locals have embraced the park and made it a leisure park and a pleasurable walk through. The park is located adjacent to the New York Public Library.

5. New york Public Library 

New york Public Library

Main branch designed by architects, Carrere & Hastings, in the Beaux Arts style, The New York Public Library is a famous enormous library and was opened in 1911. The main reading room stretches two city blocks and the Periodicals Rooms holds 10,000 current magazines. 

6. Radio City Music Hall 

Radio City Music Hall 

Radio City Music Hall is a famous entertainment venue that lies in the shadow of Rockefeller Center and is a designated city landmark. 
Built and financed by Rockefellers during the 1930s, the hall contained the indoor theater in the world at the time. Today the venue hosts major and gala events including the Grammy Awards and Tony Awards.

7. St. Patrick’s Cathedral

St. Patrick's Cathedral

Being one of the finest examples of Gothic Revival, St. Patrick’s Cathedral has massive bronze doors, 330-foot spires, white marble facade, rose window, the Great Organ, bronze baldachin, 2,400 seating capacity, and the statue of Pieta at the side of the Lady Chapel.
Cathedral is a major destination for believers and tourists here as it boasts millions of visitors annually. 

8. Carnegie Hall

Carnegie Hall

Carnegie Hall was opened in 1981 as New York’s first great concert hall. You can enjoy the hall by taking in a performance and one of the best ways to learn about it is on a guided tour. 
The tour gives a comprehensive look at the hall and takes you to the insights into construction and some of the well-known artists who have performed on the stage. 
Well, these were some of the amazing attractions that you must not miss when roaming on the streets of New York! 
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