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Work Remotely And Bust It’s Myths

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Gone are the days when we used to work nine to five in between four walls in small cubicles under LED fluorescent lights – yes, you got that right – A typical corporate culture is what I’m talking about. The demand and adaptation of remote work culture is skyrocketing these days as the current scenario in the world is not so favourable for the corporate culture to sustain now and so employees prefer to work remotely
It’s not just about COVID times, but is about the flexible work approach that all employees and even employers seek for. 
And of course, in between 30 minutes of commute and 30 minutes of extra peaceful sleep, who wouldn’t love to choose those not so extra but precious 30 minutes of sleep. I would love to do that happily! 
The millennial workforce today fantasizes work from home approach and have considered it the ultimate career fantasy. 
However, working remotely doesn’t always mean that you work from home while sitting on a comfy couch or your bed in your pajamas with your laptop. While the number of remote workers are increasing rapidly in the world, the stereotypes and myths associated with remote work are going to purge soon!
Here are the major three myths that have occupied a massive space in the minds of the people till the date! 
Myth #1 – Poor Communication & Lower Productivity 
Myth #2 – Remote Work is Just for Startups
Myth #3 – Difficult Collaboration in Remote Teams

Myth #1 – Working Remotely Means Poor Communication & Lower Productivity 

Anyone, irrespective of the work culture can feel disconnected when there’s a lack of top to bottom communication. It is being said that remote workers tend to have less interest in work when they’re working from their own space but the reports say contrary to this. 
A survey was conducted by TINYpulse on the satisfaction and communication of remote workers, wherein the results showed that 52% of the remote workers have contact with their manager at least for once in a day. 
Well, it is no less than face-to-face communication with the help of new age technology and virtual cloud-based communication. 
Yeah, that’s true that remote workers choose their own working hours but that can happen upto some extent. However, remote workers are more likely to work for more than eight hours as their home becomes the first place to work and then the work tends to look irresistible. 

Having your coffee comfortably while working remotely

Myth #2 – Remote Work is Just for Startups

When it comes to huge organizations to start work remotely it creates a massive buzz and a few questions always emerge in such a scenario. For instance, can a huge well established organization work remotely or adapt itself as per this new culture? How to deal with social disconnection? 
The problem is that the mindsets of the employers are being set in a way that they think that remote work can only happen in a small budding startup. They fail to understand that employees of a huge organization can also work remotely and be as productive as they are while working from 9-to-5 in the designated workplace. 
Moreover, companies like Microsoft have a distributed workforce and have been working across the different time zones for years now. 

Myth #3 – Difficult Collaboration in Remote Teams

Imagine you having a highly skilled engineer who creates breakthroughs in product development and resolves problems at the earliest with the best possible approach. But he lives 5000 miles away and works in different time zones and you’ve never met him in person. Now think, if he can become an asset for your company. Think once again! 
It is one of the biggest myths of remote work that collaboration can’t happen in remote teams. As a matter of fact, cloud-based collaborative tools like Slack and Trello have made collaboration within remote teams quite accessible and easy! 


More or less, these are just myths of remote work and aren’t meant to be believed of course! You’ll believe the truth once you’ll transform your work culture to a remote one! 🙂

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I've been travelling around the globe from past few years while working in a remote company. Working remotely enhances your lifestyle in numerous ways and I want to share my experience and views on the same which can help many people to earn while you travel.


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