Don’t you feel like cringing when the thought of commuting to work, the bumper-to-bumper traffic and noise pollution? Damn, it is soul-crushing, isn’t it? It sounds depressing that millions of people suffer many hours wasted every day. You wasted hours because many businesses and tech companies believe that strategies are well made inside cubicles only. So why don’t you enjoy the remote work benefits?

As per recent reports, an average commuter spends about 105 years each year stuck in traffic jams. Some of them have it worse than this. Sounds terrible, no? 

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Well, when you’re a part of this daily grind, then you might wonder at times why you are doing this to yourself? Or why are you letting it happen to you?

Daily long commutes rob your valuable time for reaching your office and signing in as soon as possible every day. It doesn’t seem like putting in a lot of effort for something that you could have done from anywhere! 

Of course, you can do it all from anywhere in the world when you’re working remotely. Yes! You caught that right! Remote work is the key to successful solopreneurs as nowadays everyone seeks a flexible work culture which only remote work can provide you with. 

Anyway, not everyone can grab to purge their daily long commute, but if you have one, you must explore it well and make the most out of the remote work benefits. 

Enriched Productivity is the main Remote Work Benefit

When you’re commuting to your office, all you do is waste your time stuck in traffic jams. But you know when you’re working remotely you can use that time in better things, maybe get your daily morning stand-ups done or start your day with a mug of coffee. 

As per a recent study, productivity is actually increased by one-third when employees work from home. The result is attributed to a few things – a better and comfortable work environment, fewer distractions, and yeah, you guessed it right, NO commute!

Balanced Work & Personal Life 

When you work in a traditional corporate sector with that 9-to-5 grind, the thought of rushing to your home to spend time with your family keeps bothering you constantly. And, when you work remotely, you get to spend more time with your family which is one of the key remote work benefits.

Of course, who wouldn’t like to sit down for dinner with their family rather than stuck in head-aching traffic jams! The equation here is very simple, More Commute = Less Flexibility, Less Commute = More Flexibility! How simple is that, no?

It’s a good chance for you to finally attend your kid’s soccer match or work on preparations for your anniversary or kid’s birthday parties! 

Remote Work Can Give You The Benefit of A Happy Physical Health

Long hours commute can not only disturb your mental peace but can create huge havoc for your health. A study found that as commute duration increases, so did body weight, blood pressure, and high metabolic risks. 

Not only this, but there could also actually be a lot to lose. So, why not spend your time on better and healthier things? 

Boosts Creativity & Skills

Commuting and working in small cubicles under fluorescent lights can be monotonous. The same drive every single day can trap you in boredom. Do you have any hobbies that you always wanted to do? When you work remotely from your favourite place, you can save much time on a commute that you can utilize to do your hobby stuff.

Peace of Mind

As per the recent statistics, reckoned that your mental health is on a stake while you’re commuting. This shows that around 80 per cent of the drivers have expressed aggression, anger, or road rage. It creates a lot of unnecessary mental aggression, which can hamper your peace of mind. 

Henceforth, working remotely is the key to building your mental peace and keeping it calm. Grab a mug of coffee in your hand with your favourite pancake, maybe 😉 and embark on your day happily! 

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