New Zealand is a country well known for its serene views such as sweeping mountains to amazing underground cave systems, massive glaciers, golden sand beaches, rugged coastline and much more. Since the place is packed with cool cities, hidden spots, wonderful wildlife, it would be really sad to say that you can’t travel for cheap when you’re exploring New Zealand.

But what do you think? Why do I say that? Because New Zealand is often perceived as one of the most expensive destinations for travellers around. Well, it would be hard to say that ‘cheap travel’ and ‘travel to New Zealand’ can’t be on the same page. 

However, many of us are still in the same false sense that travelling to New Zealand can be quite heavy on our pockets. Well, let me pull you out of this false sense and make the revelation that from flying to exploring New Zealand everything can come under your ‘travel for cheap’ concern. 

Well, this blog considers and contains some of the expensive aspects of travel in New Zealand and will present a few amazing tips to save your money and travel for cheap

Hopefully, you can get your takeaways from these tips to make your travel less painful for your wallet and more enjoyable for you! 

1. Avoid Peak Season to travel for cheap 

Prices for hotels and flights are quite skyrocketing during the peak tourist season that falls from December to February. When you know you have a tight budget, avoid travelling during these three months and save on your money.

2. Travel in a Campervan and save some bucks

What if you get the pleasure of travelling like an authentic backpacker and travel cheap? Sounds great, yeah? Of course, it does! Anyway, Travelling to New Zealand in a campervan isn’t necessarily cheap, but it gives you a chance to save more money than you could do if you’re staying in hotels.

A campervan can actually make your tour a memorable one as you can cook your own meals and take advantage of free campsites along the way and gives you a real backpack travel experience. 

Also, there are several pocket-friendly campervan companies like Mad Campers and Escape Campervans that can make your trip better by providing you vehicles under your budget line. 

3. Consider Gas Mileage 

Gas is costly in New Zealand. Therefore you need to choose a vehicle with good gas mileage as it will seriously help you save money. 

I know spacious and luxurious campervans can be intriguing, but the larger the vehicle, the more likely it is to gulp the gas. So, it would help you a lot if you choose a smaller campervan with a better MPG. 

4. Know Where To Shop

Knowing where to shop for cheap can contribute its bit in travelling under your budget. Here are the two stores that you should know while roaming in New Zealand – The warehouse and Pak’n Save. 

The warehouse is a complete Walmart as from clothes to toiletries; you can shop anything from here. Pak’s Save has the same brands as other stores do, but it sells the goods at a discounted price. 

5. Raise a Toast (Wine of course!) 

If you’re an adult beverage drinker, there are possibilities that you either love New Zealand or hate it. But if you’re a beer drinker then be prepared to get your pockets almost empty as the prices of beer are spiked too! 

But it creates ecstatic times for wine lovers! Your favourite wine is easily available in the country too for cheap because of the abundant vineyards in New Zealand and Australia.

6. Take Advantage of Free Campsites

If you’re willing to stay in campsites, then you’ll get an ample number of campsites on your way, and you’ll be able to make the most out of them. 

7. Spend Time in Nature 

Since New Zealand is quite renowned for its serenity, you’ll get to realise it when you’ll spend most of the time in the arms of nature. Roam around in the national parks that don’t require any ticket. 

You can choose to go hiking, and you’ll be mesmerised with the spellbinding view around you. Imagine having fun while going easy on your pockets. Cool, no?

8. Free Fun Activities 

When talking about free activities, hiking is not the only one. There are a lot many activities that you can do for without paying a single penny and still enjoy to the fullest. Here are some more fun activities ideas below:

  • Beach Day

  • Hot Springs

  • Stellar waterfall spots

  • Farmers Market]

  • Free Walking Tour

  • Picnic with a View


Most of all, creating a proper budget and sticking to it is significant as it will help you travel for cheap while creating the best of your memories! 

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