In view of the COVID’19 outbreak, the biggest question that emerges in the minds of the globetrotters is when is it safe to travel again? 

Well, when the experts say so, that’s when. Now the question is who are these experts? And what do they have to say about the travel life after the COVID’19 outbreak comes to an end?

Don’t worry here we have the experts who can guide you well with your post-covid’19 outbreak travel life. 

1. The World Health Organization gives you a green signal to travel

WHO has been constantly giving technical warnings like – Stay Home. So, when you see WHO’s easing up, that would be the time you can plan your next trip. 

2. The State Department must gear up its Level 4 travel advisory in this COVID’19 outbreak

The government issued a warning to everyone to avoid all international travel due to the coronavirus. Once it will revoke the warning for travellers, it will generate confidence and render a sense of safety to people to plan their trip.

3. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicates ‘All Clear’

Once the advisory indicating restriction on international travel is voided, travellers can continue to plan their next trip. 

Well, talking about the overall safety, it won’t be enough for just one of these entities to revoke its warnings. You must wait for all three to take them down to ensure complete safety. 

Other signs that show you that it’s safe to travel

1. Schools and Businesses Reopen

When you’ll be rushing to your 9:30 class or when you’ll be enjoying the first sip of the freshly brewed beer in a jazzy bar, and when all the CEOs will get back to their form, then it will be considered as a green signal to travel with complete safety. 

2. When your Travel Agent will Start Bookings for the Trip

Don’t be happy about packing your bags and travelling to your dreamy destination as you can just daydream for now. You won’t be able to travel until your travel agent starts taking bookings for the trips. 

3. When you’ll be Able to Buy Travel Insurance

Since the heavy crisis is drowning the entire world, many travel insurance companies have put a halt on selling their insurance policies. When travel insurance providers will start selling the policies again, it would be a safe time to travel. 


But now the question is – When will all that happen? – As per the insurance technology company based in San Jose, California,, nobody would be able to travel for at least three months. The spokeswoman Rachel Coen said –

“We’re telling our customers to avoid non-essential travel for the time being.” 


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