The air travel is expected to be resumed once this lockdown in India ends. However, even when the lockdown ends, it will take time for airlines to get filled up like ever before and it would be more of a staggered phase. Social distancing will continue to be in the norms of every airline and will be expected to follow it with utmost sincerity throughout. 

NDTV has recently shown us a glimpse of how the airline would look like after India lifts the lockdown. It has shared a few images and in them – one can see the shuttle coaches, air-stairs – all marked with such crosses. 

Besides this, you can also see the air-stairs have been marked with numbers to highlight the spots on which the passengers will be allowed to stand while boarding the flight. 

Moreover, many containment measures are being taken at the airports such as, alongside security checks, travellers will currently be screened for fever and those having a fever might be suspended from flying.

Furthermore, such precautions are being taken in Railways too as in three-tier coaches, the middle berth will not be used to ensure that no overcrowding is there in the trains.

Be that as it may, it stays obscure till date when the transportation administrations will continue to operate, as only cargo flights and special flights are allowed to operate as of now. 

But once they receive a green signal from the government to get the transportation on go, all the carriers will have to carry their operations with 50 per cent of their total capacities in order to maintain strict physical distancing among the passengers. 

With this take, the aviation industry that has been banned since a long time ago will surely hike its prices after the lockdown in India comes to an end. 

Summing Up 

Well, I hope all these restrictions are rescinded soon and we get back to our normal lives as now we’re actually fantasizing about the normal life we used to live before COVID’19 hit the world.

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