Wait, what? Are you serious? What about my trip to Greece? Ohh no! I can’t digest this one. 

Oh, what happened? Wondering why am I saying all this?

Well, these were the words that I spoke in shock when I got to know the pandemic is hitting hard the entire world and I had to cancel my trip to Greece. Well, that was way too shattering for me as it has been my most dreamt and awaited trip ever. 

However, it’s definitely not happening as I am still planning to travel to Greece once the Pandemic comes to an end. For this, I haven’t really cancelled my plan but have postponed it to the next summer. 

You must be thinking that why am I thinking about that far off. Well, for me it’s a great thing as I’ve got enough time to reckon the points strategy and plan how I’ll spend my time. 

Well, below are some point strategies that I’ll use to spend my time either way. 

Move-In The Air – Flights

As I told you earlier, my entire trip to Greece was planned and already booked my flights but those flights were cancelled already. This sounds devastating to me. Well, the upside of the cancellation policy was that I was eligible for the refund of the full amount that I paid. 

But I decided to not take the refund and instead rescheduled my flights for later in the summers. Well, I searched quickly for the flights for the next planned dates and unfortunately, it showed me the flights at the hiked price but then I was willing to pay $115 more to postpone the plan rather than cancelling it. 

In-Country Transit

Well, as per my plan, once I reach Athens, I would love to hop to the pocket-friendly carriers like Ryanair to do some island hopping. Woohhh! Can’t really wait. 

Alright, you can book one of these short flights for somewhere around $30, although the price may change as per the dynamic demand. But $30 is the average price for these flights. If I were to go on and book it right now then I would have paid $33 for a one-way flight.

Since I’ll be bringing my larger back-pack, I’ll end up paying a little more but I don’t mind doing that. Besides this, there are other options as well in which I could pay $32 for a regular ticket that gives me a benefit to choose my own seat and bring a personal and carry-on bag. 

Check-In Time – Hotels

Well, I’ve been planning to Cavo Tagoo Mykonos – a five-star luxury hotel located in Μύκονος. The hotel is located near the seashore and the rooms have exclusive jacuzzi inside them and the extremely scintillating attraction of the hotel is its pool area with floating beds. 

It costs $473 a night during the mid-season and goes even higher during the peak season. Furthermore, you can gain some points from your booking which you can use for other bookings. 

Anyway, wherever you stay during your trip to Greece no matter what, it will give you an ecstatic vibe with dreamy views, the views that you can cover in your Instagram stories. You’ll definitely get a sense that it’s all worth the splurge. 

Summing Up 

Well, there’s an uncertainty of our summer trip to Greece but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it goes as per my plan and be a remarkable one. In the meanwhile, I’ll work on building my points and daydream about the perfect sunset evenings. 

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