In the view of COVID’19 outbreak, only one soul-crushing question emerges in mind and that is Can We Travel Again? This question about our future travel plans itself resonates with gloom due to the critical situations in the world.

Well, for Americans the situation is more traumatizing as they’re very unsure about when they’re going to hit the roads and freely fly again. To get a spectrum of answers, you can ask the experts about how optimistic thoughts they would produce on this matter

Besides this, you may also get to know a lot of theories behind people’s extant in this crisis and about the recoveries that will happen and how people will get back to their basic or (not so basic right now and more of a fascinating) lives. 

However, nobody really knows what will happen as the virus is still in charge and things are hung in the balance for some period of time but here’s what the industry leaders or doctors have to predict about the travel conditions in the future. 

What’s there for this Summer?

LA has been imposed with a stay at home order and the order has been extended till 15th May’20 and in other states, it has been extended till mid-June. All the sailings have been cancelled by Princess Cruises and Holland America Line till 30th June. 

Air Canada ordered that it would stop flying to the U.S. on 27th April, and will resume the flights no earlier than 22nd May. Eric Garcetti – Los Angeles Mayor said – 

“it’s difficult to imagine us getting together in the thousands any time soon.”

Earlier, the annual Burning Man festival in northern Nevada was supposed to be held from 30th August – 7th September but the organizers of the event mutually decided to cancel the event. 

Also, one of the most popular events of Germany – Munich’s Oktoberfest that was supposed to take place from 19th Sept’20 – 4th Oct’20 has been cancelled too. 

Recently a Harris Poll was conducted wherein all the Americans were asked that how long post curve flattens they would drive to a hotel and as per the response – one-fifth of Americans i.e. (21%) say they will stay in a hotel within a month, with the figure rising to 41% within three months and 60% within six months.

Maybe: A Driving Trip To A Small Hotel In July

As per Alan X. Reay, president of the Irvine hotel brokerage firm Atlas Hospitality, the recovery will start with short summer trips to the small hotels. If situations become better at a gradual pace, Reay stated – 

“the leisure travellers will embark with venturing out sometime in July. The properties that will recover the fastest are those that are located in drive-to markets. You’re going to have people reluctant to travel by plane.”

Family Trips Anticipated To Happen Soon

The founder of Joie de Vivre Hospitality – Chip Conley, advisor to Airbnb and founder of the Modern Elder Academy, stated – 

“there will be a rolling process for when travel starts again based upon the intent and profile of the traveller.”

Chip also added –

“Some kinds of experiences – weddings, family reunions, transformational travel – may snap back faster because it’s the promise of happiness and connection with people you know or will get to know deeply.”

Summing Up

Well, the predictions are ascribed to give a positive impact on your mind so yes, I hope these predictions by these experts will bring you positivity regarding your future travel plans amid the pandemic. 

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